Our Story 


This business started off with a desire just to have a great growth oil for myself and toxic free products for my household. I created the hair oil after I gave myself a "big chop" hair cut in the fall of 2012. I started my natural hair journey with hopes of loving my natural hair without the use of harsh chemical straighteners. I am fortunate to say, I have!  My oil has helped my growth, elasticity, and shine. The purpose was to harness the medicinal components of the ingredients to help treat and nurture both hair and scalp. Additionally, It is light, non-clogging, and best of all, holistic, biodegradable, vegan, and free of toxins; while also sustainable.  

As a doctoral candidate in Health Education at Columbia University, I am committed to teaching others about strategies for health promotion, sustainability, and overall wellness. My products are a testament to my passion for holistic based beauty. 

Remember to always use with love. 





Loving Culture is a holistic sustainable skin and hair care company committed to providing high quality natural products, with a major emphasis on customer well-being and an overall sustainable approach.

In an era where ailments are rampant among our population, Loving Culture is committed to raising health awareness and alternative options for beauty care. Our skin is our largest organ. It is also where we consume the majority of our toxins. What we put on our skin can affect our health. Health should never be compromised for the sake of beauty. With the usage of pure and natural integrity based ingredients, we can help to possibly preserve our overall well-being.


Our products are all:  

  • vegan 

  • handcrafted in New York City

  • biodegradable or recyclable 

  • 100% toxic free (No Mineral oil, no parabens, no bioaccumulative chemicals)