Changes are Coming!

Big Renovations are in the Works!

Some of you have been with us since the beginning and some of you are still fairly new to the Loving Culture community. We thank you for being a apart of this movement. There are a few but very big changes coming this Fall. Our Hair Oil will no longer be available in the current sizes we offer (1 oz. & 4 oz). We have decided to move to 2 oz bottles only. We are also working on getting our USDA organic certification in addition to seeking more Fair Trade sourcing. We are also going to be saying good bye to our current logo. Our focus will be geared more to cultivating a very unique and but still robust hair oil that will transform your haircare experience while staying true to our sustainable & wellness objectives. With this said, please note our pricing will also change. If you notice on our website here, our prices have increased slightly to meet the current demand of our products and to adjust for the cost of production. We thank you for your support and ask you to stay connected as we move toward our 5 year anniversary of promoting a Loving Culture.