Hair Growth 

Hair growth usually occurs naturally at a steady pace of 1/2 an inch every month, however there times when hair growth slows down. The usage of specific natural oils, herbs, and spices, actually have been linked to faster hair growth, they are also used in the treatment of hair loss in many countries all across the world.


This Product is

  • organic 

  • vegan 

  • biodegradable & Recyclable

  • 100% toxic free (No Mineral oil, no parabens, no bioaccumulative chemicals) 

  • Sustainable ( The label is made with bioStone material (rocks not trees)! It is fully compostable and biodegradable; super eco-friendly! We are committed to a low carbon footprint. 

  • Handcrafted in New York City 

We specifically chose to bottle this oil in a glass container because research indicates that plastics can leak petrochemicals into the product and absorb into our bodies, which can potentially have adverse effects to our health and wellbeing. 




 Coconut Oil (

Cocos Nucifera)


Has a great amount of proteins that help protect scalp; nourishes hair by conditioning and moisturizing hair shaft. It also mimics sebum, an oily secretion of the scalp that protects from cracking and damage. 


Olive Oil 

(Olea Europaea)

Is rich in vitamins and nutrients, which promote fuller, healthier strands of hair. 


Castor Oil 

(Ricinus Communis)

Moisturizes and protects hair cuticles. Used often across the world as a treatment for hair loss. 


Apricot Oil


(Prunus Armeniaca)

Contains linoleic acid, a fatty acid that controls or keeps moisture with the hair and scalp.


Jojoba Oil 

(Simmondsia Chinensis)

Mimics sebum as well, it moisturizes hair follicles, helps to dissolve residue from hair products. 




(Cinnamomum Verum)

improves blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens the hair bulbs, and promotes growth. 

Eucalyptus Oil


(Eucalyptus Globulus)

Stimulates blood flow throughout scalp, rejuvenates and regenerates; it also has been found to increase elasticity. 


Cayenne Pepper


(Capsicum Annuum)

Contains capsaicin, which is a chemical that stimulates hair follicles and quercetin, which increases blood flow. 

Multipurpose, lightweight, and non-clogging hair oil that works well for all hair types!

This oil is ideal for hot oil treatments, scalp conditioning, daily growth elixir, and even for styling! Adds moisture, shine, and enhances elasticity.

All of these ingredients are known to stimulate hair follicles, promote circulation in scalp, are used to treat hair loss and increase hair growth.

Available in 1 oz. and 4 oz. glass bottle size. 

Directions: Shake well. Massage a small amount into scalp with fingertips (leave-in), or apply generously as a weekly hot oil treatment (wash out).  

The great thing about this oil is that it contains oils that mimic sebum, the oil that all of our bodies naturally produce. It does not contain heavy oils like mineral oil and petroleum which are normally very greasy, can clog pores, inhibit vitamin absorption, and possibly lead to dreadful illnesses. This oil is a well balanced blend, so it does not have a heavy or greasy feeling. 

Keep out of eyes. Not suitable for oral consumption.

Disclaimer: This product is not a medical substitute and is not guaranteed to cure any ailments. Always consult with your physician, if you are nursing, pregnant, or have any pre-existing conditions